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U2 Goes Across The Threshold With Bespoke Pop Art

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U2 Goes Across The Threshold With Bespoke Pop Art

May 08, 2018
By: Scott Calhoun


Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

U2’s new four-minute music video for "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me," featured as the concert intermission on the Experience + Innocence tour, is a most-welcome, highly entertaining update of their original music video released in 1995. The song itself, which U2 started composing in 1993, is an homage to Harry Noble’s "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," written in 1952 and recorded by many female artists since, though Mel Carter’s 1965 recording is the best-known version.

U2 amped up the sinister in its 1995 version to connect it with the movie Batman Forever, but when reading Noble’s lyrics from 1952, I find enough tinges of the creepy — made even more disturbing when performed, as it always has been, as an earnest, impassioned love song — to indicate the darker path U2 followed. (Noble wrote: They told me, "Be sensible with your new love" / "Don’t be fooled, thinking this is the last you’ll find" / But they never stood in the dark with you, love / When you take me in your arms and drive me slowly out of my mind ... Hold me, hold me / Never let me go until you’ve told me, told me / What I want to know and then just hold me, hold me / Make me tell you I’m in love with you")

U2’s new 2018 video, dubbed "Innocence And Experience: The Heroes’ Journey," is just about one of the finest specimens of what the U2 creative team can cook up when it makes pop art. I’m not going into any deep analysis of it here right now. Rather, I am just admiring it and offering my respect. Thank. You.


(c) @U2/Calhoun, 2018

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