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You’re The Best Thing About Me (Origins)

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You’re The Best Thing About Me

by Remy

As with many U2 songs, fragments of You’re The Best Thing About Me were first heard in a "beach clip", which are audio fragments recorded outside Bono’s house in the South of France. This happened on the summer of 2016, days before DJ Kygo debuted his remix of the song at the Cloud9 Festival in Norway. As for the title of the song, in May 2017 Bono revealed that sports commentator, and former author of a U2 biography, Eamon Dunphy had inspired him: "Eamon said this beautiful thing about me once in a bar in Dublin – he said ’Bono, Ali is the best thing about you,’ referring to Bono’s wife Ali Hewson."

"We were just out having a drink. It was really nothing serious but he remembered it – it must have been 10 or 15 years ago. She’s a wonderful girl. So that’s all I said. I was actually in France when he said it." - Eamon Dunphy on The Best Thing (RTE)

The lyrics of the song are open to different interpretations although the overall theme of the song is quite clear. There are interesting lines such as "Shooting off my mouth, that’s another great thing about me" which might be Bono acknowledging that only Ali is able to live with that mouth and ego for so many years as suggested by Tim Neufeld on his blog. Another thing that struck Tim and other fans is the line "The best thing that ever happened a Boy", which feels like a strange line. Is "Boy" in here a nickname? A reference to the album? A way to link the present to the past?

After we published this article several (mostly Irish) fans responded to us that Bono leaving out the "to" in this sentence is apparently an Irish colloquialism ("everyday language"), where the Irish sometimes leave out to the "to" in a sentence like this.

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