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The Edge defends U2’s free album but understands for some it was an ’unwelcome gift’

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Guitarist realises: “You can’t please everybody. It’s a free album" and revealed they have no plans for a stadium tour

By Demelza De-Burca

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U2’s The Edge with Bono

U2’s The Edge said the band are not taking on a stadium tour to promote their new album.

And the legendary guitarist defended the band’s Apple deal to release Songs of Innocence on every iTunes account to mark the launch of the iPhone 6.

He told TXFM radio: “You can’t please everybody. It’s a free album."

“But, I do understand for some people they felt it was an unwelcome gift. I mean, I was saying to Bono, in our heads we were leaving a free carton of milk on people’s doorsteps but actually what happened is, it was placed in their fridge, y’know, in their house.”

The 53-year-old Dublin rocker sees the digital release as a positive move for the music industry.

“For us, the prospect of getting our music out to 500 million people is thrilling as an artist, just to get them to listen to your work. It’s kind of mind-blowing...the internet for so many years has been problematic for songwriters and musicians.

“This, I felt, was like a bit of a role reversal, where suddenly music was taking advantage of the power of the internet.

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