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Longing for the next U2 Tour?- Look no further! U2’s PopMart Tour is being recreated

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Happening soon—May 19 and 20—the PopMart tour will be recreated in the 3D metaverse called Second Life!

U2 fans are virtually bringing back shows from U2’s 1997-1998 PopMart era in all its glory featuring full-length concerts with replica costumes, props and sets along with performing avatar likenesses of Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr., and Adam Clayton.

Who exactly is doing this? U2 fans who belong to the 3D virtual world of Second Life! In fact, since 2005 in that world U2 fans have recreated "U2inSL" concerts and events. Having already successfully created the Vertigo and 360 Tours (check out the U2inSL website for photos and videos), their recreation of the PopMart tour is their most ambitious project yet!

Going by the name "U2inSL" which stands for "U2 in Simulated Lives", these Second Life role players do this for fun and also as a tribute to the band they love. Most importantly, however, they hope to raise awareness of the various causes supported by U2—-such as the One Campaign, Amnesty International, Music Rising, African Well Fund, Product Red, War Child and others.

You might wonder, "Isn’t this a rip off the real band’s IP?" Throughout the years, U2inSL members have attempted to contact the real band’s management and have yet to receive a response. Seemingly, however, the real band is aware of U2inSL, as U2 management had approved of, and their graphic people were in the process of incorporating, the use of U2inSL video for the real band’s 2010 Glastonbury performance of Even Better Than the Real Thing. Unfortunately, as U2 fans are aware, due to Bono’s bank injury that year the band’s appearance was canceled.

To be sure that everyone in attendance knows this is not the real U2, a disclaimer sign is placed prominently at every U2 in Second Life concert stating U2inSL is NOT the real band and that no infringement is intended. However, unlike real world U2 tribute bands, NO money is ever made from U2inSL’s concerts. You can read more about U2inSL on their website at

Want to attend a U2 concert experience like no other? Joining Second Life is free. Once in world, look up "U2" in search and you will find what you’re looking for!

U2 en concert dans Second Life voilà à quoi cela ressemble :

View online :

Merci à U2insl pour le message

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