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Borderline Tourette’s

D 1 November 2009     H 09:38     A Corine/Dead     C 0 messages

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Monday 19th October 2009. Los Angeles. Day off

Various members of our touring party began to surface about noon. That was a long old day, yesterday, so we were a little stunned this morning. However, the L.A. weather was mild and the hotel has a very pleasant outdoor cafe where we gathered to begin the day. Smasher appeared and was part-amused, part-disturbed that his overly-friendly ’P.M. butler’ from the Mexican resort (of bubble bath fame) had just requested to become his Facebook friend. He hadn’t given her his details, so clearly she had made a point of tracking him down...

I spent much of the day working in my rather fabulous room. I’ve scored some very nice accommodation here which I’m assuming is an oversight on someone’s part, but am making hay whilst the sun shines. Took a brief stroll along Sunset Strip to get some air and give myself a vague chance of knowing where I am, as the Mexican disorientation seems to be hanging on a little. I’m not a fan of L.A., but this little area of West Hollywood has become familiar enough over the years to make me feel at home to some degree.

Had a meeting over dinner with the lighting supply company, en route to which I realised that I appear to have lost a pair of shoes somewhere along the way. I’m gutted, not so much about the shoes themselves, like them though I did, but more because I hate it when my system breaks down. I’m borderline Tourette’s in my approach to packing and checking when I leave a place, though I think the claw in the flan was that I bought another pair of shoes the morning we left New York. Evidently the multiple black shoe situation hadn’t made it into my mainframe. Such is touring.

Dinner was good, though by the end of it I was dragging a little. I took a look at my phone and was startled to see that it was only 7.15pm. God bless L.A. There were a few drinks consumed back at the losers lounge before I finally went face down into the duvet.

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