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No Line On The Horizon / Review

D 17 February 2009     H 16:10     A Corine/Dead     C 0 messages

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U2 No Line on the Horizon


Released: 02 March 2009

Catalogue number: 1796035

by Chris Jones

Like all of U2’s best work there’s a schism at the heart of their 12th studio album. It’s the polarity between the hedonistic and the profound; the thin line between the general and the particular: rock and a very hard place. Their very lucrative humanitarianism may stick in the craw of many, but this skill allows them to make important points about all our lives while never forgetting to move our collective booties.

Much of No Line On the Horizon examines the state of the planet from the viewpoint of victims and witnesses. White As Snow sets a traditional air beneath a tale of an Afghanistan where, ’’only poppies laugh under a crescent moon’’. World citizenry is reflected in uber-cool, William Gibson-style lyrics on Breathe (’’16th of June, Chinese Stocks are going up, And I’m coming down with some new Asian virus’’). Only in Unknown Caller’s dreadful ’’Force quit and move to trash’’ lines does the hi-tech metaphor card get overplayed.

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