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Bono cancels Doha visit

D 28 November 2008     H 19:32     A Corine/Dead     C 0 messages

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Rock star Bono has cancelled his visit to Doha next week.

The frontman of U2 and global activist has suddenly pulled out from attending the UN Conference on financing for Development held here this week.

He was also slated to be a guest on a special edition of the Doha Debates, part of the Qatar Foundation and broadcast on BBW World satellite channel.

A spokeswoman for the Doha Debates said Bono’s representatives had said his withdrawal was due to "unforeseen circumstances" and was unable to elaborate.

On Wednesday Bono’s charity ONE issued a statement confirming his arrival in Doha this weekend.

Bono is co-founder of ONE, a global advocacy and campaigning organisation dedicated to fighting extreme poverty around the world, particularly in Africa.

ONE’s European Director, Oliver Buston, who had announced Bono’s tour programme to Doha previously, has confirmed yesterday that the tour was indeed cancelled.

"We are aware of the great public expectations of the visit. I regret on behalf of Bono who was forced to cancel his visit to Doha due to unforeseen development," said the spokesman without elaborating reasons beyond Bono’s unexpected pull out.

However, ONE, has a strong delegation to participate at Doha submit, advocating for a deal on development.

The delegation will call for aid quality, quantity and will look for new partners in support of the millennium development goal.

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