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Spider-Man swings on to Broadway

D 5 October 2007     H 09:02     A Corine/Dead     C 0 messages

Following the trend of turning movies into musicals, Bono and "The Edge" from U2 are currently working with director Julie Taymor on a Spider-Man musical. Taymor has a new movie out called Across the Universe,which is based on songs by The Beatles.

She also directed Titus, a movie version of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, and the Broadway version of The Lion King. The musical promises to be a truly interesting experience. Bono announced that the music includes both punk rock and opera.

According to casting notices, the musical features the character of Arachne, from Greek mythology, although she appears in multiple forms. The show will even feature a Greek chorus. It is hard to imagine Spider Man without the special effects of the movies or the capabilities of a comic or cartoon, but Julie Taymor did direct The Lion King musical, which is visually stunning.

We’ll just have to wait and see if this version of Spider-Man impresses audiences as much as the three movies did.

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