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Why honor Bono?

D 10 February 2007     H 10:45     A Dom     C 0 messages

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Bono’s career is now complete. He’s accomplished everything possible in his musical career. The frontman for U2 can retire, because he has been recognized by the North Dakota Legislature.

We’re guessing some of the first questions asked by a lot of North Dakota legislators when the resolution came up was “Who’s Bono?” or “Wasn’t he married to Cher?” No doubt the U2 singer isn’t high on the list of artists our legislators have stored on their Ipods.

Rep. Scot Kelsh, D-Fargo, introduced the resolution, which was heard and approved by the House Political Subdivisions Committee. He said he read an article that stated no states had honored Bono, so he thought N.D. should be the first. And now we are the first. Surely the other members of U2 are jealous.

We’re making fun of this, of course, but we don’t want to dismiss the good work Bono has done around the world. He’s more than a rock musician – he’s also a well-known activist and human rights advocate who’s had personal meetings and discussions with a wide array of world leaders. He has helped raise countless millions of dollars for charities and has helped bring needed attention to the plight of residents of some of the world’s poorest countries.

We’re just not sure what such an honor from the North Dakota Legislature means to Bono. But if it means he’ll come to Minot and give a free concert, well then, we’re all for it.

Beyond that, surely the legislature has more important work to do. We wonder if any states have honored Angelina Jolie?

Jim Eykyn, Publisher; Bryan L. Obenchain, Editor

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